EMMA LEONARD - "Destiny"

Emma plays the role of the sweet nurse Destiny, & it would be fair to say that if in the real world nurses were this beautiful & caring the health of patients would be miraculously improved. Emma actually chose to do some preliminary research into nursing skills by spending some time at a medical clinic watching the staff applying bandages & doing injections, but for some reason decided to draw the line at helping apply the haemorrhoid creams.

Emma recently played a lead role in the feature film "Vulnerable", about two couples in the aftermath of a car crash - where Emma's nursing skills would have come in handy if only she had been paying a bit more attention! Emma's previous work includes a broad spectrum of theatre & television. She so convincingly played the role of a drug mule in the TV series "Underbelly" that unfortunately now every time she travels overseas & has to go through Customs they insist on giving her a full body search!

Emma says her ideal role, & the one she is waiting to be asked to play, is of an undercover-serial-killer-robot-vampire-princess from the future.


Steve was originally cast to play Vinnie, until the shock news was revealed that he couldn't drive the car in the film because he didn't have a driver's licence! So, rather than letting his irresistible comedic talents go to waste, the role of Ricardo was created for him, which he quickly made his own.

As can be seen by this photograph, his body is his temple & he spent a lot of time refining his physique to impress the chicks for the steamy topless scenes he was required to do(-all of which were inexplicably later deleted from the film). A highlight of the shoot for Steve was having the good fortune of acting alongside a bevy of stunning models who were auditioning for the part of sexy Angelica, & he didn't even seem to mind getting a firm slap across the face in one of the improvisations!

Steve loves being in front of the camera, & feels he is the ideal man in the world to take on the big role of doing a biopic of either Meatloaf, John Belushi, or Chris Farley.


Roger plays the role of Vinnie and, by an amazing coincidence, they both share the exact same two main interests in life - sports cars & hot girls. In fact, Roger only decided to take up acting after he was asked to be an extra in a soap commercial which required him to continually kiss a young Spanish beauty, & it suddenly dawned on him that this could be a stimulating career to pursue.

He has since appeared in a variety of TV shows & also had the pleasure of working alongside the legendary Donald Sutherland in the film "Fool's Gold". Roger states he often needed to take Donald under his wing & give him a few acting tips - but that's just the sort of "giving" person Roger is !

Roger kindly volunteered to do all his own stunt driving in the film, which involved more than a few "hair-raising" moments, but remarkably everyone remained alive. It was no secret on the set that Roger had formed a very passionate relationship with Betsy. He was captivated by her Italian charms, & was sadly heart-broken when they had to part company at the end.

Roger's ambition is to be cast as the natural successor to Sylvester Stallone in the next Rambo film - "Rambo 7:Excess Hormones"


Catherine has a special aura & feminine charm that made her ideally suited to play the part of the mystical Zara. She also hinted that she might have some actual connections to the supernatural world, & that she had a premonition that she would assume the body form of Zara & possess her soul for eternity (-let's just hope she was only joking !).

While she was rehearsing reading the tarot cards to the crew, they were repeatedly warned not to look directly into her seductive eyes or they would fall mercilessly under her hypnotic spell. Of course, the poor fools could not resist & were then seen wandering around aimlessly like brain-dead zombies (-although looking back this was hard to distinguish from their usual behaviour).

Catherine has used her special acting powers in a variety of TV & film roles, & hopes the planets will align to give her a lead in a Hollywood blockbuster. Catherine's future is written in the stars & that she will become one of them.