Dealing with Destiny is somewhere in the Amazon Jungle of Movies ……you can now check out the film now on Amazon VOD !!!
We are very pleased to announce that the film we produced the sound track for is now available for the world on the AMAZON VOD platform. You can click here to download or stream the film.


Come and join in all the fun in this quirky Aussie comedy about a group of good buddies on their last day of University together. Blake, Lloyd, Vinnie, and Ricardo have to deal with an assortment of challenges that are thrown in their way, such as final exams, college pranks, attack dogs, rivalries and, of course, girl troubles. Lloyd suspects Blake of making a move on his new girlfriend Zara, Ricardo falls in lust with the sexy gym girl, and Vinnie is more in love with Betsy, his yellow 1969 fiat sports car. And what about the arrival of the cute nurse called Destiny?

Follow the turning of the tarot cards as Zara uses her self-styled cosmic powers to predict their future pathways. Amazingly, everything seems to be coming perfectly true- or is there a surprise at the bottom of the deck? Starring upcoming talents Luke Arnold (“Broken Hill”), Clayton Moss, Roger Sciberras (“Fool’s Gold”), and Catherine Jermanus, it’s directed by Colm O’Murchu (“The Makeover”), and also features a killer soundtrack from “Blue Pie Records”.  So get your hands on this zany “feel good” DVD that’s loaded with bonus extras, and have a great time taking a journey with us through friendship, love, and destiny!

Dealing With Destiny:
The 'Destiny' film clip now available on global smart TV networks !!!
The 'Destiny' film clip now available on Samsung TV + Sony TV + XBOX Live + SONY PlayStation !!!

The video clip for the theme song for the film is now available for everyone to watch. We have been amazed at the views the video has been clocking up and it has been a great way to promote the film as well.
Luke Arnold has assured his destiny to become one of Australia's hottest rising stars !!!
Congratulations Luke on all your success from the cast and crew from 'Dealing With Destiny' .....WELL DONE !!!

Luke Arnold has assured his destiny to become one of Australia's hottest rising stars thanks to his incredible portrayal of the late and extremely great ' Michael Hutchence ' in the Channel 7 TV mini series INXS

We have had the great fortune to have worked with Luke on his last film 'Dealing with Destiny'. You can see the video clip below for the theme song 'Destiny' on MUZU TV and see one of Australia's hottest talents to emerge since Russell Crowe made Romper Stomper.

As Paul Condoleon says: 'Filming was incredible and Luke always had the 'it factor'. You can see him fill the screen whenever he was in a scene.'

As Damien Reilly says: 'When we were filming all the interviews for the Dealing With Destiny film with Jono Coleman you could see that Luke was going to be a stand out in the film. There was something special happening in the film and in the interviews. Everyone associated with that film is just very happy and so proud to have been able to work with him. His star in our view will be one that over the next decade will be shining extremely brightly.'
Dealing With Destiny out now on ARENA for the World !!!!!!
Dealing with Destiny is now available on the VOD and SOD platform ' AREAN ' in the USA. You can download or stream the movie on this global platform as well as purchase the physical DVD if you so desire. Great work from our distribution partners Blue Pie, and the Blue Pie USA team for landing this great platform. More services will follow including Netflix.
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