Dalifey films and Dealing With Destiny gets the love from Variety and thanks for helping Variety to raise funds for the kids
We are extremely proud to receive a letter of thanks from David Small, CEO, Variety, the children's charity.

We are glad to have made a difference to the lives of those children in need.

To Quote David Small - CEO ' I would like to extend our deep thanks to you and the teams at Blue Pie and the marketing team at Dealing With Destiny for the non stop support you have shown Variety. Your ongoing support in helping us to raise much needed funding for Australian children born with serious illness and disability. Without the kindness and generosity from companies such as Blue Pie and Dalifey Films, Variety - the Children's Charity, would be unable to provide the special care we believe is not only valuable but vital for those children affected by illness or disability. So far we have been able to raise close to $10,000 from the raffle of the car ' Betsy' in the film and box office ticket sales that have been kindly donated and there is more to come from your marketing efforts with retailers like Coles and Woolworths and hopefully support from QANTAS and VIRGIN showing the film in their In-Flight systems. You have been very creative with this film and we look forward to working with you on any new film projects where you wish to donate proceeds to Variety. I would like to send special thanks to Paul and James Condoleon and Damien Reilly for jumping on board to help fund this cause and to get the business model over to us last year. I want everyone involved to know the disadvantaged children of Australia are incredibly grateful. Thankyou Damien, Paul and James and the teams at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films for your great work.'
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Reviews for Dealing with Destiny on IMDB
The reviews just keep pouring in! Here is just one taken from the popular movie database IMDB.

“Dealing with destiny is a light-hearted comedy that is fun for everyone! We know the formula, a bunch of University students nearing their graduation date want to have a little fun before they finally disperse for good. There are plenty of American college films featuring boys and pranks so it is refreshing to finally see an Australian version. This film is not trying to hard to be anything but pure popcorn fun and laughs. The target audience is for the younger kids, especially the young girls once they catch sight of the main man Luke! These young Aussie actors show brilliant charm and charisma and manage to portray their characters with just the right amount of enthusiasm, definitely won't be the last we see of these talented young individuals. This film is not pushing any ground breaking new levels, what the film makers have done is utilized their relatively small budget to make a simple but effective film. It may be formulaic in principle but the story will surprise you, especially the ending. The whole family were well entertained. Well worth the download!”
Dealing with Destiny Getting Great Reviews!
With the recent iTunes release Dealing with Destiny is generating some awesome buzz online. Here are just a few of the latest audience reviews

“This movie was loads of fun! The kids loved it ! So nice to see an Aussie comedy not trying to hard at anything but to be entertaining. And it was so entertaining! The kids begged us to download it and I am glad we did!”

“Laughed all the way through! It’s like an English humour college campus comedy along the lines of “The Goodies”, “Doctor at Large” and “Benny Hill”. Sexy cast also helps! Enjoyed the 60s style music and sports car scenes. It’s something different and recommended for those with a quirky sense of humour.”

If you haven’t checked out the film yet click on the link below, you don’t want to miss out on this light-hearted Aussie comedy that will have the whole family laughing.

Dealing with Destiny on iTunes
Dealing With Destiny out now at all iTunes for the world!
Dealing With Destiny out now at all iTunes for the world!

You can now download the movie ' Dealing with Destiny ' from all iTunes stores globally.

The film soundtrack was produce by Blue Pie and we are all very excited to have this film now available for all to enjoy on iTunes for the world.

Click here to check out the film and watch the trailer in iTunes itunes.apple.com/au/movie/dealing-with-destiny/id490266824
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