Dealing with Destiny to be made available for syndication across 100 cable networks in the USA !
We are pleased to announce that the film will now be made available through our distribution partners ' Blue Pie Productions ' and 'Planet Blue Pictures ' in the USA on their 101D cable and free to air network platform. The film will also be available on the USA NetFlix and Amazon digital download sites as well. Thanks Blue Pie from everyone here at the films production team. Great work and now more people can discover what we believe has been not only a great indie film that features some incredible home grown talent but a film that has a bit player in the launching of careers for some of the cast and some of the sound track artists. This will be great exposure for all in the film on a rather large scale with the networks reaching a potential viewing audience of over 100M people. Exciting news for Australian Film and the team here at Dealing With Destiny !
Dealing With Destiny's Mr Luke Arnold to play INXS front man Michael Hutchence !
We have been telling people for a while now that Luke is on talented actor and it seems that people are waking up to his incredible talent. The Aussie actor is set to essay the troubled front man in Channel Seven’s mini-series. There’s been talk brewing about two Michael Hutchence biopics for a while now – a Richard Lowenstein-directed film titled Michael and a mini-series for Channel Seven. And Deadline has announced that up-and-coming local talent, Luke Arnold, has just nabbed the role as the late INXS frontman in the latter project titled Never Tear Us Apart: The INXS Story.

Congrats to you Luke from everyone from the production team here at Dealing with Destiny.
Dealing With Destiny Artist Mr Funky P gets the YOU TUBE love !
We are very pleased to have been able to help launch and drive interest in Mr Funky P. Mr Funky P's great dance track ' Smile Baby ' was featured in the film sound track. In recent times he has been enjoying global interest in his music with YOU TUBE now playing his new video clips over 3,000,000 times. We are very proud to have been able to play a part in the launching of his career with the inclusion of this great song in the sound track. Congratulations all around to you Mr Funky P from everyone in the production team here at Dealing With Destiny. Your Destiny to be a superstar is now assured.

You can have a look at the video clip here:
Luke Arnold featured in the latest OPTUS ad !
Great news for all fans from the film and for the fans that love Luke Arnold and are following his career he has just won a role in the recent Australian National TV campaign for OPTUS Congratulations from all the production crew and and team from your family and friends from Dealing With Destiny.
Dealing With Destiny DVD hard copy available in the Blue Pie shop now !
If you are after a physical DVD of the film then you can visit the Blue Pie shop on the following link and just follow the instructions to make your purchase. Titles are shipped in 24 hours to anywhere in the world.
Dealing with Destiny is out now in iTunes for the world !
You can download the film from all iTunes stores for the world. Have a date with Destiny and go to iTunes, click on the link below and download the film, tell all your friends family and while your there why not send the film as a gift to some of your friends and support the local Australian Film Industry.

Click here to go to iTunes:
Variety features ' Dealing With Destiny ' in the Variety end of year Book !
Dealing With Destiny's production team are very proud to have been able to support Variety and work with Blue Pie to create new and exciting ways to get independently produced films out to the market. Variety, as a token of their appreciation, have featured the campaign and the film in their end of year book.

You can click on the link below to see the story that appeared in the Variety end of year book. The book was was sent out to all their supporters and sponsors. Dealing with Destiny is now available in iTunes for the world and will shortly be appearing in Amazon stores and Netflix stores for the world.

The films fan base continues to grow each and every month.

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